Jan 25, 2018

Welcome to Pickable

Thanks for visiting Pickable. Pickable is an iOS app helps you learn English vocabulary.

In my opinion, read English text and memorize words you don’t know is an effective way of studying English.

The web is a great source of text. I’ve been studying English switching between a browser, dictionary and flashcard on my iPhone.

However, that way I couldn’t fully focus on my study and not really “efficient.”

That’s why I developed Pickable. It has built-in news reader, dictionary and flashcard feature so that you can concentrate on reading, looking up and memorizing.

You can see the list of words you “picked” and also it highlights them on the article. You can remember not only the meaning of the word, but also its nuance and collocation.

Please refer to Getting Started for further information on details.

About me

Hi. I’m Shun Kashiwa and a Japanese student.

I’ve been studying English for a while and found it useful to read online text in English for my study.

I built Pickable because I wanted it. It is really useful for me so fat, if you have any suggestions or feature requests, feel free to contact me from here.